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Wheat worth Rs 607 crore damaged in Punjab: CAG

 The percentage of wheat into some entire quantity carried from the Punjab Agro Foodgrains Corporation Ltd was high as 76.85 percent towards the ending of 201617.  Nevertheless, the operation of why Punjab State Warehousing Corporation had been as wheat because percentage of their entire quantity instock was beneath 5 percent from 2014 15 into 201617.

The Committee on Public Undertakings of this country legislature had advocated in March 20-16 that wheat storage distances along with its particular fumigation be carried out to forbid its own damage. 
Insufficient and incorrect wheat germ along with stocking brand new one with all an infested in Punjab triggered loss in wheat Rs 607.57 crore in just four decades, both the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has explained.  The truth came to light at a CAG report which has been tabled from the Congress-ruled country meeting a week.  Between 2014 15 and also 2017 18, an overall whole of 2.83 lakh tonnes of wheat describes previous harvest years has been announced as damaged,'' said that the CAG.
Its greater functionality was a result of how major percentage (upto 7-9 percent ) in the wheat inventory was retained in protected storage, access to certified employees and far better quality management mechanics.  The explanations for harm corn have been improper and inadequate storage requirements, occupation of inferior preservation methods, sluggish up gradation of infested storage and wheat of wheat with all an infested inventory.
Even the CAG found both nation procurement businesses don't need sufficient coated storage due to its own wheat shares.  The proportion of storage power into this entire ability ranged amongst 6.09 percent and 19.03 percent in Punjab Agro Foodgrains Corporation Ltd and also 45.05 percent and 78.78 percent in Punjab State Warehousing Corporation by 2012 13 into 201718.

Candles Value R S 607 crore Harmed in Punjab: CAG

At Tarn Taran district, the whole wheat market has been kept from the great outdoors despite with the access to coated storage 2016-17, hence exposing the foodgrain to elevated danger of harm.  In addition, the delay responsible for wheat led in a cost of R S 8.57 crore on security and rent of storage areas at which in fact the wheat was retained.

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